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[vc_images_carousel images=”3673″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Ayu Sugati” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Ayu is the national principal of Dyatmika Primary School in Bali, and she wants to deepen her interest in writing for children. The opportunity came when she attended a workshop of writers held by 2015 Room to Read AcceleratorTM program. The result is her first work, Raka Bangga, a story about the lives of children in a coastal village in Bali where she grew up.

On 2017, Ayu developed a leveled reading book for UNICEF’s program: “Reviving the Reading Culture” in Papua.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3763″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Nyoman Sri Utami” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Utami is an early grade teacher at Dyatmika Primary School in Bali She is very concerned about the condition of lIndonesian Literacy development in the early classes. Through YLAI Utami has developed some leveled reading books. She has compiled 68 of the 75 titles of leveled reading books and compiled teacher manuals for the package.

During the year of 2014-2015, Utami dedicated her time for YLAI as Editor in developing 6 children’s picture books for Room to Read AcceleratorTM program. Then on 2017, she developed another leveled reading books for a UNICEF’s program: “Reviving the Reading Culture” in Papua.

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Aini is the founder of the Ransel Buku program in Kalimantan to promote environmental and health education. She teaches reading to children in villages near the Rungan and Kahayan rivers, Kalimantan. She loves to write and recently published her first children’s picture book Karang​​ Gigi untuk Makiki ​​through the 2015 Room to Read Accelerator TM program.​

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[vc_images_carousel images=”3650″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Kusumadewi Yuliani” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Dewi is a teacher at Dyatmika Primary School in Bali as well as a published author. She has written several stories, and recently published Lautkah Ini? through the 2015 Room to Read AcceleratorTM program. She won a major award for this book from the Samsung Kids Time Authors’ Award 2016.

On 2017, her second children’s picture book Buah Apa, Ya? was published through the same program of Room to Read AcceleratorTM.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3651″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Erni Hastuti” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Erni is a teacher at Dyatmika Primary School in Bali and has loved reading since childhood. After attending a workshop of writers held by 2015 Room to Read AcceleratorTM program, she wrote and published her first picture book, Poni Jangan Lari. Erni hopes that readers will enjoy the adventure in this storybook, and she is now working on the sequel.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3652″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Debby Lukito Goeyardi” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Debby is the author of children’s and teen’s books. One of her works is Waktunya Cepuk Terbang, which was published through Room to Read AcceleratorTM program 2015, and won second place in the Samsung KidsTime Authors’ Award 2016 in Singapore. Her second children’s picture book Ketika Paman Kala Diam was published through the same program of Room to Read AcceleratorTM on 2017.

Debby was recently received grants for writer residency from Indonesia Ministry of Education and National Book Committee that will take place in United Kingdom.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”3769″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Fransisca Emilia” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Emil loves enjoying nature and visiting villages, and share her experiences with children through short stories and articles. Her works, mostly about environment and culture, have been published in various national media. Through her first book compiled with YLAI, Di Mana Adik?, she hopes that children will know and love more of the richness of nature and the diversity of Indonesian culture.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3653″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Widya Ross” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Widya started writing and illustrating children’s books in 2010, and five of her works have been published. Widya also works with the Ministry of Education and Culture Team to create children’s books to introduce Indonesian culture. She hopes that the story Hari yang Melelahkan, published with YLAI, can entertain children and make them happy.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4112″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Lusia Setyawati” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Lusia Setyawati is a primary school teacher. Lusia has written two titles of leveled reading books with YLAI, Hadiah untuk Kakek and Sumber Energi di Mana-mana. Lusia believes that the availability of interesting readings is the key to the love of literacy.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”4113″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Ni Putu Hindira” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Ni Putu Hindira Laxmi is a primary school teacher. Hindira has written two titles of leveled reading books with YLAI, Baju Baru Yohana and Banyak Energi di Rumah Debi. Hindira’s motto is keep on writing and never give up!

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[vc_images_carousel images=”3770″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Diani Apsari” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Diani Apsari has made illustrations for short stories, novels, and children’s stories. She completed her master’s degree in Design at the Faculty of Art and Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Diani gave birth to a baby boy when she was completing the illustrations for Raka Bangga, under YLAI. She likes to read her stories to Bara, her son, and hopes that Bara will develop the habit of reading into adulthood.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3771″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Chike Tania” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Chike Tania is a talented young and newly graduated illustrator, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She likes drawing giant characters so she was eager to create illustrations about the Balinese mythical creature, Rangda, in the story of Jana Tak Mau Tidur, under YLAI. Chike also supported YLAI as a designer in the 2016-17 Room to Read AcceleratorTM program.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3772″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Fanny Santoso” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Fanny has produced many illustrations for children’s magazines and children’s books. Born in Bandung in 1985, she graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology with a degree in Visual Communication Design. Fanny developed her love of drawing since childhood and began illustrating children’s storybooks in 2007. Fanny’s illustration of Karang Gigi untuk Makiki was also developed with YLAI through the Room to Read AcceleratorTM program.

Fanny will support YLAI as a designer in the project of storybook development with the second cycle of phase II (2017-2018) Room to Read AcceleratorTM program.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”3773″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Anna Triana” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Anna developed her interest in drawing children’s books while studying at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), majoring in Visual Communication Design. In her final project at ITB, she developed an illustration technique inspired by Indonesian batik. Anna used this technique in making illustrations for the story Lautkah Ini? under YLAI, and received a major award for this work from the Samsung Kids Time Authors’ Award 2016.

[vc_images_carousel images=”3774″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Endah Pamulatsih” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Endah graduated from Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta, with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She started by designing many book covers for several publishers. Now Endah has illustrated some picture book titles for children, and recently illustrated the story Poni Jangan Lari under YLAI.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4582″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Jackson” title_size=”25px” bottom=”20px” top=”0px”]

Jackson is a freelance illustrator and holdsa bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Bina Nusantara University. He attended Room to Read’s illustrator’s workshop and is currently focused on illustrating for children’s literacy. For him, the story and illustrations on every page serve as an invitation for readers to explore the world with fun and excitement. Waktunya Cepuk Terbang is Jackson’s second book and he hopes it will leave a smile and a special impression with the readers.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”4141″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Vannia Rizky Santoso” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Vannia Rizky Santoso graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design. She elaborates her interest in illustrating since early years and starts to develop paper cutting when she studies at university. Vannia hopes through her illustration, reader will enjoy Hari yang Melelahkan.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4139″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Rizqia Sadida” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Rizqia Sadida or Dida for short, is a 1993 born illustrator. She falls in love to the deep meaning of children’s picture book, and keep on learning so her illustration could be useful for people. Through this book Buah Apa, Ya?, she hopes her illustration will make reading more fun.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4142″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Alvinxki” title_size=”25px” bottom=”20px” top=”0px”]

Alvinxki starts to focus his career in illustration on early 2015 and has illustrated several children books as well as cover for novels. He really loves the field especially children book illustration because he believes this kind of illustration enable him to have unlimited freedom of ideas, styles and medias. Outside illustration, Alvin is also a graphic designer and animator.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”4458″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”I Ketut Jaya” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

I Ketut Jaya is an artist born in Budakeling village, Bali. He has been active in painting and exhibiting his works since 2005. His work is richly inspired by the ritual tradition of Balinese mythical figures. He has illustrated 3 leveled reading books of YLAI.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4459″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”I Nyoman Alit Suparta ” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

I Nyoman Alit Suparta is an artist from Klungkung. Since 2005 Alit has been actively teaching painting at several schools in Bali. Together with YLAI, Alit has illustrated 7 titles of leveled reading books with realist style illustrations using watercolor.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4460″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Rizki Raindriati ” title_size=”25px” bottom=”20px” top=”0px”]

Rizki Raindriati or better known by her pen name, Kiki Raihan, is an art teacher. She loves writing, drawing, and painting. This graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology has illustrated 4 titles of YLAI leveled reading books using digital illustration.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”4581″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Ayu Norma ” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Ayu Norma is a talented artist with many abilities in painting, ceramic art, dancing, textile art including sewing, pattern making, and various decoration techniques using textile. She has illustrated six titles of YLAI leveled reading books.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4580″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Komang Swesen” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Swesen has a passion in photography. Some of his works often appear in Bali local magazines too. He enjoys his job as a freelance photographer at the weekends. His photography work through 7 book titles also enrich the collection of leveled reading books of YLAI.

[vc_images_carousel images=”4140″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Vincentia Valentine Pascadian” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Vincentia Valentine Pascadian is a freelance illustrator graduated from Intitut Teknologi Bandung. She makes patterns and character designs for various stories and video games. She always adores children books as it teaches things in simple ways. She hopes to share more inspiring illustrations.

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[vc_images_carousel images=”5016″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Doni Duarsa” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]

Doni Duarsa is a Balinese illustrator, who has been actively teaching painting at several high schools in Denpasar. Since 2014, Doni has illustrated 17 books for YLAI, namely 16 titles of leveled reading books and one book title for one of the YLAI book development projects.

[vc_images_carousel images=”5017″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Margono” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]
Margono has illustrated 5 books for YLAI. Three of them are YLAI leveled reading books, while the other 2 titles are leveled reading books for one of the YLAI book development projects. Margono applies a very attractive coloring techniques using colored pencils.
[vc_images_carousel images=”5351″ img_size=”full”][rs_section_title title=”Margiyono” title_size=”25px” top=”0px” bottom=”20px”]
Margiyono is aillustrator born in Wonosobo. In 2014-2015, Margiyono illustrated 14 leveled reading books for YLAI using a watercolor technique. In 2017, Margiyono again illustrated 2 leveled reading books for one of the YLAI book development projects.
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